Herbie hancocks solo on the chord changes pdf

Herbie hancocks solo on the chord changes pdf
Learn the head for this modern jazz standard composed by Herbie Hancock and recorded in during his early years as one of the members of Miles Davis’ quintet. First Rich shows the melody as single notes, then octaves and then harmonized. The comping riffs are also covered.
After working root chords, you can work chord inversions through jazz standards. In the following exercise, you approach it the same way as the first, though now you use inversions. This is the best way to work voice leading into your comping, as you can alter only a few, or sometimes one, notes between chords.
28/01/2009 · Jazz+ while I agree that this is a good sound… I would also suggest another alternative: Shell voicings. This is where you play a 2 or 3 note voicing in your left hand that includes the root at the bottom and either the third or seventh (or both).
Choose and determine which version of Cantaloupe Island chords and tabs by Herbie Hancock you can play. Last updated on 09.14.2016
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The Jazz Solo Series for “Eb” instruments, including alto saxophone, by Mark Vega is a great instructional tool for musicians and music students to learn or improve their improvisational abilities in the jazz – swing idiom.
17/11/2008 · This one is from Herbie’s classic Maiden Voyage album. The piece is constructed of rubato head and jazz waltz solo section. The Eb-7/F (F Phrygian) chord at 2nd bar of letter C is an alternate to Eb13/F chord; note that those chords are harmonically different from each other (I’ve gleaned a pile of transcriptions of the tune and included two
The Herbie Hancock m11 voicing. The Herbie Hancock voicing can be seen as a poly chord. If you play it on piano then the left hand is playing an Am triad (as a spread triad) and the right hand is playing a 2nd inversion G major triad.
“Chameleon” is a jazz standard composed by Herbie Hancock in collaboration with Bennie Maupin, Paul Jackson and Harvey Mason, all of whom also performed the original 15’44” version on the 1973 landmark album Head Hunters featuring solos by Hancock and Maupin. Chameleon.PDF
statement that a chord is in its closed position if the chord notes appear in its consecutive order, the chord with the D above the octave is the closed position (Fig. 1 b).
Unlike the guitar, the piano doesn’t lend itself easily for just punching out a rhythm over a set of chord changes. Take a tune like a Beatles or Rolling Stones tune, give someone a guitar and within a few weeks they are strumming the chords for someone to sing to.
I would imagine that a great musician like Herbie Hancock would have written the horn parts, and their solo changes in Bb so that they would not have to be transposing. But, I can’t say that for certain. If that was not the case, perhaps it accounts for Freddie’s strange note choice with that G# in bars 3-4. However, if you went up a whole-step to Bb, or down a whole-step to F#, neither of
Chords for How to Solo Over Chord Changes. Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and diagrams. Includes transpose, capo hints, changing speed and much more. Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and diagrams.
Below you can download a PDF with the chord changes to “Bb Rhythm Changes”. I suggest that as you watch the video with guitar in hand, you make notes over the chord changes detailing the pentatonic fingerings you might employ over the different sections. Have fun!!

The Harmonic and Rhythmic Language of Herbie Hancock’s


Any advice for improvising over the ‘Autumn Leaves’ changes?

17/12/2018 · You should also check out how great Herbie Hancock, Billy Cobham and Ron Carter play on this. Especially Hancocks solo is amazing and the trading with piano and guitar is also great and really illustrates how George Benson can also go outside and play more modern jazz licks.
4/09/2011 · Hi all, those of you who know me know my obsession with Herbie and his Headhunters period. I’m starting a youtube playlist with half-speed videos and a light-up midi keyboard so that people can watch the Rhodes parts and either pick up the entire piece / solo (painstaking) or just browse for a particular lick or chord voicing and pick it up
Chord changes are included in every chorus of “Goodbye To Childhood”, since Herbie varied the harmonic content considerably from one chorus to the next. …
Solo Transcriptions (Piano) This page lists 228 piano solo transcriptions that are available somewhere on the Internet. Here you can find more about the best web sites that offer free and paid solo …
Cantaloupe Island sheet music – Jazz Ensemble sheet music by Herbie Hancock: Belwin Music. Shop the World’s Largest Sheet Music Selection today at Sheet Music Plus.
rather than by chord changes. broke new ground. A middle path developed between the avant-garde sensibilities of Ornette Coleman, Cecil Taylor, and John Coltrane and more broadly familiar, idiomatic forms of jazz. After five years in the Davis band, Herbie Hancock continued that ensemble’s exploratory dynamism within his own Sextet. An intense post-bop sensibility alternated with more R&B
The focus is on developing a chord solo to a section from the Herbie Hancock’s Watermelon Man. Matt puts the emphasis on playing two-note double-stop lines within a blues-based progression. The exercise is a 16 bar solo that he breaks down into four bar sections.
Use the solo as a point of departure to improvise on your own within the chord progression. Stay close to the style and feel of the original but initiate your own thoughts. Stay close to the style and feel of the original but initiate your own thoughts.
Transcription of Herbie Hancock’s piano solo on “Oliloqui Valley” as played on the 1964 record “Empyrean Isles”. Jazz, Sheet Music, PDF, Transcription, Herbie Hancock, Oliloqui Valley, Empyrean Isles, Jazz Piano

Herbie Hancock’s Piano Solo on: “Pinocchio”(Wayne Shorter) Like most fans of the great Miles Davis Quintet from the mid-’60s, one holds these recordings in such high esteem that, even years later,
This means that instead of the tune having lots of fast chord changes, the chords tend to be move in a slower motion. So, the harmony stays on 1 chord for long periods of time. In this tune the chord changes are held for 2 measures at a time.
LOTD 70 – Herbie Hancock – “The Sorcerer” – Speak Like A Child So here is one more Herbie line before we start looking at McCoy. Herbie has so many in’s and out’ to his lines, meaning they are bobbing and weaving all around chord tones.

Here is another video about a key jazz tool for both pianists and arrangers called major block chords. Below you will find the video as well as a PDF of the block chord exercise written out in all keys.
If you need some chords to play on this tune you can check out this lesson on minor 7 flat 5 piano chords and this lesson on minor jazz piano chords. The Herbie Hancock licks and chords, the Diana Krall licks and chords, and the Chick Corea licks and chords you learn my Jazz Masters Method DVD will work great over this jam track as well.
Composed by Herbie Hancock it was recorded in 1964 during his early years as one of the members of Miles Davis’ quintet. The musicians for the original 1964 recording with Davis and Hancock were Freddie Hubbard, Ron Carter and Tony Williams.

Herbie Hancock exact note-for-note transcriptions on

Listen to recordings of Maiden Voyage, especially Herbie Hancock’s on the album of the same title. Copy ideas that you like to use in your solo. Have fun! Copy ideas that you like to use in your solo.
Any advice for improvising over the ‘Autumn Leaves’ changes? (self.Guitar) submitted 4 years ago by analpolyps. I’m a novice (barely) of jazz guitar and I’m hoping for some insight on how to logically solo when the chords change fast and frequently; albeit, the chords don’t change THAT fast in Autmn Leaves. I try to use the arpeggios or modes relating to each chord, that’s not an issue, but I
iii! ABSTRACT Herbie Hancock’s influential recordings from his pre-electric era, 1961-1968, display a jazz piano style that contains a unique combination of musical elements.
Herbie Hancock’s Fender Rhodes electric piano solos of the 1970s, recorded primarily within the jazz‐funk contexts of his Headhunters band and other projects (on albums such as Head Hunters, Flood, Man‐Child, and others), represent a high‐point of improvisation over groove‐based forms.
Solo over “My Funny Valentine” with Diads by Richie Zellon Chord Melody , Jazz Standards If you’re like most guitarists, you probably resort to 4 part voicings most of the time when playing chords.
Herbie Hancock – Headhunters There are no reviews written for Chameleon. In order to write a review on digital sheet music you must first have purchased the item.
The Herbie Hancock Interview on “Nefertiti” “When Wayne brought this song, there were no chord symbols. All of us were discovering the real song.”
The chord changes on several tunes are such that even the novice improviser can solo using a single scale such as the blues or pentatonic, yet intermediate and advanced players will have plenty of challenge playing on the flowing and natural chord changes. Others present a greater challenge, with fast tempos, 3/4 time signatures and alternating grooves.
One of the most popular tunes at jam sessions and pick up gigs is the Herbie Hancock classic Cantaloupe Island. While you can learn the chord progression, melody, and check out soloing on this tune, many guitarists skip the main riff of the tune.
Download and Print Cantaloupe Island sheet music for voice, piano or guitar by Herbie Hancock. Chords, lead sheets and lyrics may be included. High Quality PDF to download.

Dolphin Dance by Herbie Hancock Chord/Melody guitar

Thomas Berglund » Lessons » chord-melody-guitar-arrangement-to-the-tune-dolphin-dance-by-herbie-hancock Here´s a chord/melody jazz guitar arrangement to the song ”Dolphin Dance”. It´s a watch & learn lesson and the arrangement is written by Thomas Wixtroem. There are guitar tabs included in
ea ily e courag e you to riff wou ld be effective and find a ;a e e materiais in th is book and tune that has severa! instances of that •ory, a just, and recompose them to progression. lf you can, “compose” a s i your need s, goals, and musical solo over the chord changes of a tune, as e. Combine the riffs in novel then transpose the solo to severa! keys. ways-perhaps one of the bebop riffs
30/05/2013 · By starting with Herbie’s first solo album, maybe I can work my way up to being able to transcribe, play, comprehend, and incorporate material from his later solos. I …
The Harmonic and Rhythmic Language of Herbie Hancock’s 1970s Fender Rhodes Solos – Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online.
events recognized in the chord progression and solo line, and alignment to different optimal intensity increase and relaxation curves. The evaluation function is based on the author’s solo analysis of 73 great masters’ solo characteristics and their techniques used for build-up of jazz solos. The results have been evaluated by our live jazz group and used in jam sessions, some of which
Herbie Hancock – Empyrean Isles There are no reviews written for Cantaloupe Island. In order to write a review on digital sheet music you must first have purchased the item.
How you add extensions and color to the Autumn Leaves Chords is a big part of the sound of Jazz Harmony. In this video I am going to go over 5 different sets of chords ranging from a very basic Drop2 set via a various extensions and alterations to a spacy modal harmonization.
Dolphin Dance – ISCMS ? ~ Dolphin Dance ~ Music by Herbie Hancock Arranged by Bob Mintzer Instrumentation: Dolphin Dance – Freddie Hubbard’s Solo Dolphin Dance- Freddie Hubbard Solo
In Cantaloupe Island by Herbie Hancock, the first measure is said to be Fm7. Now, we have a lot of notes that is not a part of the chord (non-chordal tones). How then can we say that this is Fm7? Now, we have a lot of notes that is not a part of the chord (non-chordal tones).

Oliloqui Valley Herbie Hancock Solo – es.scribd.com

Herbie Hancock The “Nefertiti” Interview Harmony

(note that all the chords are diatonic to the key of F Major, so that we can retain the G Dorian modal sound) All we have to do now is improvise lines that imply the designated chord changes, even if the bass player stays around Gm7 or G Dorian.
13/08/2008 · This tune is from Herbie’s “Empyrean Isles” recording. The piece alternates between latin/even 8ths and swing feel. The composition starts with bass ostinato in F minor and changes key to A major at the end of the head and solo section.
Hancock is widely admired for his adventurous chord voicings, but the foundations of his style are actually rather conventional. Ex. 1a is a typical left hand Cmin7 voicing that Hancock might solo over.
second transcription is of Herbie Hancock’s solo with the Miles Davis Quintet, from the recording Miles in Europe (Columbia KCS 8983). Jarrett’s and Hancock’s improvisations consistently maintain the re­
Each musical example has a single note improvised melody line with the chord progression At the end of the book there is the chord progression for the popular jazz standard “Blue Moon” showing you how to use various examples from the 100 riffs to create an improvised solo over the chord progression.

Aspects of Herbie Hancock’s pre-electric improvisational

Jazz Solo Series For Eb instruments DIGITAL SHEET MUSIC

A key feature of a good jazz solo is how it outlines the chord changes. If you solo only with the scales and blues licks, it will sound a bit plain and won’t move along with the changes enough. So, to help with this let’s incorporate some arpeggios.
DOWNLOAD PDF. Here are those 3 versions of Watermelon Man next to each other. The first video is Herbie Hancock’s original version, the second is Mongo Santamaria’s cover version and the third video is the Head Hunters version. Fun fact: the intro of the Head Hunters version is percussionist Bill Summers blowing into a beer bottle.
In the first book, Barry explored motific development, conceptual playing over chord changes, phrasing, target notes, bending techniques and advanced position playing. In this volume Barry has transcribed ten solos from his Storyville CD’s Heart To Hand, Closer to the Blues and Hard Times Won. He has analyzed key concepts and techniques in these solos by isolating specific measures and going
Herbie Hancock’s Chord Progressions listed on SongTrellis. 13 chord progressions listed . Cantaloupe Island chords only Dolphin Dance chords only Driftin’ chords only Eye Of The Hurricane chords
Dolphin Dance.pdf. Dolphin Dance. Chord/melody, guitar arrangement….including backing track and music score. To comment my lessons and articles in the comment fields you need to login to Twitter, Facebook or Google+. You can also sign up to DISQUS. To comment you need to login

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Herbie Hancock “Cantaloupe Island” Sheet Music (Leadsheet

The Complete Transcription Process David Liebman

Learn the jazz guitar head to this Herbie Hancock favorite.

Evolutionary Jazz Improvisation Jazz Harmony and Solo


Dolphin Dance Chord Changes [PDF Document]

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  1. Hancock is widely admired for his adventurous chord voicings, but the foundations of his style are actually rather conventional. Ex. 1a is a typical left hand Cmin7 voicing that Hancock might solo over.

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